Critica foto Emanuela DeCecco 30.08.11- Definitiva based on Butoh Dance images

A dance in which every single movement – even what the eye perceives as a gasp or so - it's a detail that embodies an entire world. By the obstinate search for what is essential, what remains after removing all, the game takes place in a scene where extrems cohabit: life and dead, presence and absence, the echo of an ancien tradition and today's tensions, skin, internal organs, male and female.
These photographs do not return the story of this dance, they do not explain, they do not document. They resist the temptation of revealing everything and making the gesture becoming an heroic act, isolated in a stillness that doesn’t belong to it. 

Rather these pictures say the same thing, they keep the mystery alive by using another language. The movement developed in the space is translated and stratified in the long term exposure of the camera. A dance where extremes coexists is observed by a look that proceed with a similar step. They record the here and now, the place where took place what they show, but they transform the specificity of space and time by receiving the echo of the painting’s tradition: the colors, the composition.  They extend their possibilities of description till almost dissolving it. In the tension that is generated by this process, the core that gives life to the dance becomes visible and so the intention behind it. 

The bodies - of which we cannot perceive the details -  in some cases become fading  shadows, soft matter. They are in the space - in the water or in the air does not matter - and they are crossed by these elements, they change and are changed by their   surroundings. Through these photographs we breathe with our eyes the effects of the balance produced by their peculiar form of presence. In one of them, on the background, a walking boy appears.

Emanuela DeCecco, 30.08.11